Community Action for Development (CAD) is a conservation and development organization headquartered in Bangem and recognized under the law governing non-profit making associations in Cameroon. It was legally approved in 2003 by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization via Prefectural Order No. 480/A/G.42/162/PS as an apolitical and non-profit making civil society organization.

Our Vision

A healthy biodiversity providing adequate standards of living to natural resource dependent communities in Cameroon.

Our Mission

We exist to promote sustainable community development initiatives through biodiversity conservation, livelihood support, water and sanitation and building strategic partnerships.  


Where We Work

CAD works in the South-west Region of Cameroon, particularly in the Bakossi landscape and the Southern Bakundu Forest Reserve Areas in Kupe Muanenguba and parts of Fako and Meme Divisions. We work directly with women, men, unemployed youths, school children, peasant farmers, hunters, retired and retrenched workers, Common Initiative Groups (CIGs) and cooperatives.