CAD donates farm tools to farmers in the Bakossi National Park area

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CAD promotes climate-smart agriculture among rural communities through the donation of assorted farm tools to small-scale farmers in and around the Bakossi National Park area. Over 50 farmers from 20 village communities benefited from assorted tools, such as sprayers, cutlasses, diggers, hoes, watering cans, hand-pushed trucks and wheel-barrows to enhance food crop production and food security.

Promoting Plantain Multiplication

CAD is currently promoting plantain multiplication amongst rural farmers to curb shortage of planting materials, generate income and enhance local food security.

Supporting Food Crop Processing

We encourage the processing of food using local and global mechanisms

Promoting Community Based Sustainable Tourism in Cameroon


Within the framework of the Leading the Change project, WWF has been supporting the Community Action for Development (CAD), a local partner civil society organization, since 2018, in promoting green business enterprise development in local communities within the Bakossi-Banyang Mbo landscape. A landscape which harbours two protected areas - the Bakossi National Park [29,320 hectares] and the Banyang Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary [66,200 hectares] and very important natural resources, including the forest elephants and many ecotourism attractions and values.

Promoting bee farming

We promote sustainable bee cultivation in our local environment.

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Community Action for Development (CAD) Cameroon (CM) is based in Bangem, Kupe Muanenguba  Division, South West Region of Cameroon.

Tel: +237 666 376 052 | +237 677313 120