Post project impact, the case of the Ndibse Widows’ group.

Ndibse widows

In 2017, the Ndibse Widows group were among the beneficiary of the project titled: ‘Empowering women by means of pig farming’ supported by MANOS-UNIDAS Spain. Despite all the challenges, these women are still carrying on with their activities beyond project period. The impact of their work till date is as follows;

  • They generated a total of 110 piglets from the 5 project donated pigs. 27 of these were shared among the 9 members (widows and their households)
  • Sold 68 piglets at XAF 25,000 each, giving a total income of XAF 1,700,000
  • Using income generated from the pig farming, the group paid XAF 200,000 and XAF 600,000 as contribution to acquire two sets of multi-purpose food processing machines (which processes maize, cassava and spices) from two projects supported by ADDAX ORYX FOUNDATION in Switzerland through CAD and the government of Cameroon through the ACEFA program respectively.
  • The combined income generated by the two sets of machines is XAF 800,000. The both machines serving a total of 6 communities (Ndibse 1 & 2, Muandelegoh, Enyandong, Mualong and Ndun)
  • The income generated have help members pay children school fees, pay hospital bills and serves as micro loans for members and the community.


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